the next big thing

Well... for me, I'm not sure about you.

Paul Jessup and I will are working on creating an excited little melting pot of steampunkery and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Everything is early stages at this point, lots of random thoughts, odd combinations of like interests, surfing the web for everything we can that's just damn cool (like this post up at Urban Decay).

It's really exciting to be working with Paul. Not only does he run GrendelSong, which is rocking, not only did he invent post-industrial fantasy, not only is he publishing my story "The Histories of Now" (btw - boo-yah!), but he's also a fantastic writer. Check out the links on his site for free fiction and also grab PostScripts 12 when it comes out, because he's in that too. The man is a dynamo of creativity.

Anyway, enough hyperbole! Back to discussing how cool mechs are.

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