what i've been up to

I've been very quiet on the old blog, pretty much because I'm working on a novel, and that is sucking all spare time from me. I don't have the balls Paul Jessup does, to put it all up online, so you'll just have to trust me...

In other news, I just sold my short story "Between the Lines" to Farrago's Wainscot. It describes itself thusly:
Farrago's Wainscot is an exhibition of weirds, an almanac of experimentation, decay, and the problems with form. We present ideas: stories that estrange themselves, articles on anything from wormholes to haberdashery, poetry that makes of metaphor a transubstantial sigh—a hesitation at the thresholds of contemporary consciousness and interstitial art.
which is just plain cool if you ask me. Anyhoo, I'm very excited. Previously my story "The Histories of Now" was published as part of the Post-Industrial-Fantasy issue of Behind the Wainscot, Farrago's side-project and repository of shorter works (which I also like, but, of course, I would).

Anyway, that's enough hideous self-pimpage and linkage from me.

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