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Electric Velocipede is a fantastic zine. It publishes wonderful authors (Jeff Vandermeer, Jeff Ford, Cat Valente, Paul Jessup, Hal Duncan, etc.) and it does so very professionally. It's a really great way to spend your time and money. The publisher, Mr John Klima, posted today about looking to get more subscribers, so I just wanted to quote what he has to say about the benefits of subscription. I'm off to spend my cash right now.

What You Get Out of It

So, here are a few things to keep in mind while you consider whether to subscribe. I will be raising the price of the zine next year from $4 an issue to $5 an issue. The issue that's coming out next year for Wiscon will be a special issue, and therefore most likely $6 or $7.

The subscription price right now is $15 for four issues. That's a savings of $1 off the cover price. However, if you subscribe now, you'll get issue #13 this year, the special Wiscon issue, and two more issues for that same $15, a savings of at least $5 off the cover price and potentially more.

There is also a patronage subscription available. For $100, you get everything that I publish (shipping is included, even for international folks), for as long as I publish. I want to keep doing this for a long time.

I have two chapbooks coming out this year: one from William Shunn and one from Robert Freeman Wexler. I will publish at least two more chapbooks. I want to increase the number of issue I publish each year. I want to change over to perfect bound color covers. I'd like to pay my authors more.

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Paul Jessup said...

Yeah, let's hope he gets enough subscribers to stay afloat...